Study Tracked Newark Murders as ‘infectious disease’ – But What About Fires?

Article link: Study tracks 30 years of Newark murders as ‘infectious disease’ |

New approach to looking at the high murder-rate urban areas.  Worth a look.  But is it really a surprise to find out that an increasing concentration of nontraditional family structure homes, along with near or below poverty line incomes, plus reaching critical mass in numbers and concentration ends up in higher crime.  On the fire side, doesn’t that same trend end up in more fires?

But getting to attacking the root causes of impoverished neighborhoods that can lead to real change to crime and fire rates has been off limits to leaders.  Seriously, are you as a chief ready to get down and dirty on a granular home by home, block by block strategy to change conditions?  Deep inside, I believe most leaders know what’s really needed.  Yet the same bull crap strategy and tactics are employed because it’s what elected leaders expect and it keeps your positions safe.

The Great Recession is now starting to gain strength for a new attack wave.  Be prepared to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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