It’s a New Year, ATTACK!

The 411

danger on crates“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” – William O’Brien, former CEO of the Hanover Insurance Company

Organizational Change, and the resources you must have, obtain, develop, borrow, steal, and innovate to get there.  “We can’t change the world, unless we change ourselves” -Biggie Smalls.  True.  So you understand where I am coming from, this blog is written for the urban fire commander.  Even more for those aspiring to get there or and those charged with making things happen.  And if you are a product of the unionized firefighter, police, or EMS career path machinery, generally, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TOOLS REQUIRED TO DELIVER PUBLIC SAFETY SERVICES THAT CAN BE AFFORDEDFOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS. Status quo is dead. You are going to have to make it happen somehow.

But don’t kid yourself.  Hard times are here.  Sooner for some, like me.  There is no hiding now as unprepared cities are being exposed.  In the end, it’s about the solution so I hope the Chief of Change blog and the HARDCORE LEADERSHIP Newsletter will greatly help you in your strategy, operations, and personal professional development. And Yo, each one, teach one. Pull someone else up with you.

Article – Leadership during Difficult Budget Times

The chief executive can’t control external influences but can be the face of control, calm, and leadership.  The article at the link posted during the Great Recession (which we haven’t truly left yet) lists solid actions for the leader-in-charge.  My favorites are ‘Look Ahead for Opportunities‘, ‘Refocus the Mission‘, and ‘Build the Agency’s Infrastructure‘ among others.  Definitely worth a read.

Article – Leadership during Difficult Budget Times